Accidental Death Insurance | Financial coverage for Your Family and business

Personal accidental death insurance is a profitable way to get financial coverage to you and your family in the event of an accident that may lead to death, body injuries, temporary total disability, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability. If an accident leads to the death of the victim, we will pay 100% compensation to the appointed nominee. It offers compensation for an accident disability such as loss of limbs, eyes, bones, and speech as well.

Accidental Death Insurance

Types of Accidental Death Insurance

As we have discussed accidental life insurance and here we go with its two different variations. One is for assisting the group members and the second one is for individuals.

Let us review them one by one for better understanding.

  • Group Accidental Death Insurance

Business owners and employers can buy Accidental Death Insurance collectively to save themselves financially. According to the size of the organization, it would provide insurance with a discount at a premium. This particular type of insurance is more beneficial for the workers of different organizations because we provide it at a very low cost. Moreover, it could help them financially shortly if they get injuries. It is the best opportunity for employers to put themselves in their comfort zone. A Group Accidental Death Insurance is an excellent incentive for the employees as it assures them financial safety at the time of any mishap at the workplace.

  • Individual Accidental Death Insurance

As the name tells, it is the policy owned by someone individually and it guards the owner financially against accidental damages. That specific insurance policy helps the policyholder at the time of crises when he/she is unable to earn due to accidental injuries. It commonly covers accidental deaths, loss of body parts, and other disabilities from an accident.

Importance of Accidental Death Insurance

Most people ignore buying accidental insurance, mainly because they do not know the importance of the cover. But, you must look towards the financial security and safety of your family that how they will support themselves when if something untoward happens to you. If you get involved in an accident that leads to death or dysfunction of any part of the body, it would be difficult for your family to meet the expenditures. Further, you must have looked upon the expenses of treatment.
To avoid outing your loved ones in such a financially distressed situation, you just need to buy accidental death insurance. To make you aware of the importance of accidental insurance, here are some further benefits are discussed below:

  • Peace of mind

If you drive more than normal daily or working at a place where there are high chances of mishaps, it would be better for you to have insurance to satisfy yourself. Having accidental death insurance makes you confident because you have no worries about your future. We would highly suggest you buy our accidental death insurance to live a happy and peaceful life.

  • Family security

In the event of an accident that leads to death or renders you disabled, it would have a severe impact on your earnings. An accident cover will give your family financial protection in the form of accidental compensation and ensure their financial security. We pay 100% compensation for accidental death. The victim’s family would be able to pay off the liability (if any) and would maintain their usual lifestyle. Moreover, the victim’s children would be able to get a good education or to set a business.

  • Minimal documentation

One of the major reasons why a large number of people avoid buying insurance is that they think the process is very long and complicated, and plenty of papers involves in the process. However, the truth is totally against it. When you purchase an accidental death insurance policy, you need not stress about documentation. The thing is that you only need to provide basic information in the application form, and the company will issue the policy.

  • No medical tests required

We provide accidental death insurance without any medical tests. Unlike the Health insurance policy, where you have to undergo complete medical tests and check-ups before issuing the policy. You do not need to take any tests.

  • Worldwide coverage

Most types of insurance policies are limited only to specific areas. It means that if something happens out of that specific area, the company will not pay any compensation. But, if you are going with an accidental death insurance policy, there are no such limitations. The company will pay your dues irrespective of the location of the accident. You get worldwide coverage. This is the most beneficial edge of our policy.

  • Easy claim process

The most critical thing that you must notice before buying any insurance policy is either they are providing easy claims or not. If you buy our policy, you just have to apply. If the company verifies the application, you will receive your payment without any complicated or long process.

  • Ambulance expenses

If misfortune happens and you get an accident, the company will be responsible to provide you complete hospitality. We will pay your ambulance and hospital expenses.

If you are as loyal to your family as others, you just need to buy AN accidental death policy. It would help you to make the secure future of your loved ones.

Accidental Death Exclusions

There are some situations specifically listed in the policy that the policy does not cover. They are mentioned below:

  • Suicide
  • Injury or death in war
  • Flying a plane or working as a flight crew member
  • Sickness or disease including surgical or medical treatment
  • Racing in the car

Final thoughts

Hope you are now out of the dilemma of either to buy Accidental Death Insurance or not. If you want to live a confident and peaceful life without any tension in the future, you just need to go with our policy. So, please go to the application form and purchase a policy that will be easily affordable for you. Also, you have accidental death insurance available on Infinity insurance and it is time to get it right now.

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