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Bivvy Pet Insurance helps relieve you of the strain of unplanned medical expenditures, allowing you to focus on assisting your pet recover. While veterinarian treatment is getting more effective, pet care expenditures are growing. We hope that all pets are fit and positive, however, if your pet becomes ill or wounded, Bivvy can assist you in covering the costs.

Bivvy is a comparatively new firm in the pet health insurance industry that has built a reputation for itself with its straightforward, low-cost coverage. To find out if Bivvy is the best Bivvy pet insurance firm for each of you and your pet, scan our analysis and compare it with the opposite prime pet insurance suppliers.

Bivvy Pet Insurance

Price of Bivvy pet insurance

The Bivvy pet insurance plan is one of the cheapest options available when looking for pet insurance policies, costing only $15. The best part is that regardless of your pet’s age, gender, or breed, Bivvy pet insurance is available in just one plan. Your pet is covered for the same monthly fee of $15.

A Bivvy pet insurance policy ends up costing a fixed monthly price of $14–$15, depending on the location and includes all breeds of dogs and cats. The additional wellbeing care contribution is $9 each month. The parameters of the offered plans may vary from state to state.

Discounts and features 

There are currently no discounts or special features available with the Bivvy pet insurance coverage. Bivvy pet insurance, on the other hand, has no additional expenses, regardless of your pet’s breed, age, weight, or other factors.

Pet insurance does not currently provide any referral discounts or have a dedicated app. Claims processing has been made highly effective and quick, so after you’ve filed a claim, you won’t have to wait long.

Accidents are subject to a 14-day waiting period, and illnesses are subject to a 30-day waiting period. Unless the injury was caused by trauma, there is a 180-day waiting period for orthopaedic conditions. Currently, the Bivvy pet insurance plan only offers an 80 % reimbursement option. To learn more about the overall cost of Bivvy pet insurance, go to their official website.

Address and contact 

You can send a message to bivy pet insurance at their email [email protected].You can also call at (855) 434-3744.

What is covered ?

This offers only one coverage choice for pets, regardless if you have a cat or a dog, but the insurance provider covers a wide range of issues. Getting a Bivvy pet insurance. This will provide coverage for your pet in the following issue;

  • Surgery
  • X-rays and Ultrasounds
  • Illness
  • Emergency care
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Hospitalization
  • Cancer
  • Blood tests
  • Accidents
  • Chronic conditions

 Pros and Cons


          Advantages                                                      Disadvantages                            

●       Provides a wellness add-on ●       There is no option for plan personalization.
●       Its programs are centered on a cheap flat rate instead of breed. ●       Its compensation proportion is significantly lower than the national average, at 50%.
●       Has a quick and simple signup process ●       There is no customer assistance or live chat available.


What is not covered by Bivvy pet insurance?

Bivvy’s pet insurance ends before any pre-existing terms or conditions that arise during the waiting period immediately prior to the start of the Bivvy plan. Other areas not covered include preventive or routine checkups, such as vaccinations or checkups, cosmetic treatment, breeding, or pregnancy. Pet care supplies, herbal products, and food are not covered by Bivvy’s pet insurance.

Coverage Exclusion

These things are not included in the policies ;

  • Air ambulance
  • Boarding
  • Dental illness
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Aesthetic procedures
  • Natural supplements
  • Non-emergency ground transportation

Reviews regarding 

This only provides a single insurance policy for each pet. If you have many pets, you must obtain individual pet insurance for each of them. The best thing is that there are no of the traditional limits that pet owners face when purchasing pet insurance for their pets. If you are unable to determine your pet’s breed, there is no need to worry; simply select the mixed breed option that matches your pet’s weight. Cat owners aren’t required to select a breed.


Another significant selling feature is the clear and straightforward and claim process. Making a claim does not take long. All you have to do is complete the website’s application form, attach an exact receipt from the veterinary provider, and submit your claim. You can send a claim to [email protected] by logging into your user account.
Once you’ve given the essential information, the claim procedure only takes a few minutes. Although there is no limit to the number of claims you can submit, Bivvy only covers expenses up to $2,000 each policy year, so if that limit is reached, This will no longer provide protection.

(Frequently Asked Question)


Is pet insurance worth it?

Because pet insurance is simply $14–$15 per month, it should be worthwhile for shoppers. The World Health Organization solely would like basic coverage for accidents and diseases or the World Health Organization needs a cheap policy. However, Bivvy is simply offered in fifteen states, and there are unit alternative cheap pet insurance suppliers, like Freedom or Embrace, that are offered in additional areas, have a lot of insurance choices, give accessible client service, and have lower deadlines.

Are Pre-existing conditions covered by Bivvy pet insurance?

Bivvy’s injury and sickness plan, like most pet insurance companies, does not cover pre-existing diseases. It does, nevertheless, cover inherited, chronic, and congenital illnesses as long as your pet’s symptoms appear after registration and the 30-day illness time delay.


Are spaying and neutering covered by Bivvy pet insurance?

Spay and neuter operations are not covered under the standard plan or the wellness care add-on.

How many pets can I have under this policy?

You have only one policy for one pet. If you have many pets then you can buy a policy for each pet.


To conclude, pet insurance is the best choice for pet owners who don’t want to go through lengthy methods of looking and deciding the proper coverage plan for his or her pets. According to reviews, Bivy pet insurance is new in the market , they may be taking part in fine reputation

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