Driving Without Insurance | Time to have an auto insurance

Driving without insurance can be harmful to you. If you have not purchased car insurance, it means you are not safe.  A vehicle without insurance is only under your responsibility because if you meet an accident, no one would be there to protect you or help you. You would have to bear all the expense of reparation. On the flip side, if you had bought good car insurance, the company would be responsible to pay all the expenses regarding your car’s injuries. Moreover, if the police of state catch you driving without insurance, they will punish you with a heavy fine.  They may send you to jail if you do not pay the fine during mentioned time. Your driving license could be cancelled if you undergo court trials. Be sure to find an auto insurance company or auto insurance agent right away if you own a car and are currently uninsured.

Driving Without Insurance


What happens when you drive without insurance?

When you get into an accident, you just need to collect the basic information about the accident. You should use your mobile phones or note pads to write down the exact time, reason, and faults of an accident. Moreover, you just need to note the plate number of the car and basic information about yourself (owner). The insurance company surely would be there to protect. The company will be responsible for the safety of your car. It is the basic benefit of having insurance for your vehicle.

In almost every state of the globe, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance of that particular vehicle.  Here, the question arises that what are the consequences of driving without insurance? Them ma includes fine, impounding of your vehicle, loss or cancellation of your license or even sending you to jail for minimum 6 months. The punishment may vary from state to state.

Let us have a closer look at the benefits of having insurance for our vehicles. If you are driving your car with a proper insurance policy, you would ultimately get a large number of benefits that will depend upon the insurance policy you are going with.

Bodily Injury:

It covers medical costs of the injuries you get by the accident and the injuries victims sitting in the other affected vehicle if you were at fault. The coverage will depend on your insurance policy. This coverage amount can include the hospital, medical, rehabilitation, and long care costs Moreover, it will include the long time suffering from the affected party, if the accident causes loss of his earning ability.

Additionally, if you were at fault in an accident and you are facing t’8he court trials. The insurance company will be responsible for paying you the amounts. These amounts would include attorney’s fees and court costs in your defend. It will include the costs of requiring injuries of yourself if you get any from the accident. Here are some other facts and benefits that the insurance company covers when you get an accident of insured car:

  1. Medical Expenses:

    If you are another passenger of the affected car undergo medical treatments; the company will be responsible for paying the budget of all medical expenses.

  2. Funeral Expenses:

    If another driver or his passenger dies in a road accident that you cause, your bodily injury insurance liability will bear all expenses of the victim’s funeral and burial costs.

  3. Legal Expenses:

    When another affected victim sues you for causing bodily injury because you were at fault. The company will pay you the cost of attorneys and court trials.

  4. Lost Wages:

    If another affected victim gets a fatal injury and becomes unable to work, The Company will offer a budget for the replaced source of earnings.

  5. Pain and Suffering:

    Besides paying your legal expenses, the company will pay for the pain and sufferings of other victims that are caused by you.

Property Damage:

When you are driving a car with a proper insurance policy and you are hit by an accident. The company would be responsible for paying all the expenses of damages caused by an accident to a car. Furthermore, if you are at fault in an accident and the other victim gets fetal damages to his car, building, or place. In that particular and complicated condition, the insurance company will pay for all their damages. The company will also manage a car at rent for another victim until their car gets reparation.  According to your policy, the company will also cover the high costs if you get involved in high damages of any building. If you hit your car to a business store’s front and it has to close for repairs, your insurance policy can also cover the owner’s lost income. Property damages also include the costs of your court trials.

In addition to it, if you are hit by a loader vehicle, that vehicle gets huge damages and has to stop for basic repairs, the company will bear its costs of repairs and will pay for their loss as well.

What are the consequences of driving without Auto Insurance?

The Consequences of punishment may vary concerning the area or state in which you have been caught. It also depends on how many times you are caught driving without insurance. If they get you the first time, police will only punish you with high fines that could be larger than insurance policies.

For an instance, if you are in California a state of America, and you commit a second or third offense. The Police of California will send you to jail where you have to face court trials. They can also cancel your driving license. If you do not buy insurance after that all and they get you again, at this time your car will not be given to you until you buy an auto insurance policy.

One more pitfall of driving without insurance is that you will get a costly insurance policy because your driving career is not clear.


Adding more to it, if you get an accident without auto insurance while driving without insurance, this time you have to face some serious and bad results. You will have to bear all the expenses of damages caused by you such as your vehicle’s damages, other victim’s damages, medical treatments, and many more from your pocket.  It may also lead to the cancellation of your license and vehicle impediment. As a result, you must buy auto insurance from the very beginning of your driving career. Because, driving without insurance is an illegal act, and can cause fatal results.

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