Farm Family Insurance Company – A Better Way to Be Insured

Are you looking for the best company to be Insured in the Northeast and Atlantic states? Farm Family Insurance is a renowned regional insurer for you. They offer injury and property insurance, including personal and business interests.

Representing Farm Family Insurance gives them exclusive ownership of the insurance business. Farm Family Insurance Company employees and agents have been helping people and businesses protect their assets since the 1950s.

Their commitment to uphold and maintain good ethical standards, customer service, and honesty with their customers and the community. FFIC takes an interest in protecting what your prices are!
Farm Family Insurance

How Does the ‘Family Insurance Company’ Work?

It gives you a full line of insurance products by only one person called an agent. By following this process, they can help you protect all of your assistance and your necessary debts being covered and protect you, your family and your business. they guarantee that this period of unexpected and tragic events will take place throughout your life.

What can you insure with them?

The following are the types of insurance they offer you;



  • Business owners
  • Contractors
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Agricultural business
  • Equality
  • Green Industry


Benefits of Farm Family Insurance

Farm Family Insurance Company has a good reputation with customers who are familiar with their products and services. They have years of experience in the insurance of farmers, farm owners and their families. Farm Family Insurance employees are also in each client’s area and understand their needs.

Farm Family Insurance Company offers products from various insurance companies, with a focus on products that will help their customers make better decisions regarding their insurance needs.

Family offers the client a wide range of insurance options, including three major personal insurance options including home, health and car insurance – thus providing us with a list of business and special policies. Here are some of the offers and benefits offered by Farm Family Insurance Company.

Their website provides a comprehensive overview of available policies and directs customers to contact the agent for details.

Car Insurance

Large car insurance with all the legal requirements included. Preferences include full coverage, withdrawals and work, and rental payments.

Home Insurance Offers

Farm Family Home Safe and Sound is a general homeowner’s insurance policy that includes composition, exterior construction, personal property, and credit. It is also available on three levels of Signature Series.

Their levels of Silver, Gold, and Platinum, offer a higher level of homeowners. Package policies can be customized to allow for items such as identity theft, increased restrictions on priorities, and more.

Health Insurance

The Family Farm offers several types of life insurance. Policies are renewable and subject to change. They also provide an Annual Renewable Period policy that can be renewed annually as required.

They also have the option of a life insurance policy with various payment terms. Paid Up at 65 or Paid Up at 95 programs offer permanent coverage with different premium prices that determine when the policy is fully paid. Both also have fundraising accounts.

There is also a Paid-Up strategy at 100. Finally, there is one premium life plan where a one-time payment is made and the policy is then considered paid.

The Family Family also has several retirement options to build a fixed retirement income. Options are Single Premium Deferred, Single Premium instant, and Flexible Premium Deferred.

Business Insurance

The family writes coverage of various business needs. Options include:

Package policies for business owners

  • Automatic trading
  • Agricultural business agribusiness
  • Consolidation of contractors
  • Employee Compensation
  • Integration of Equine Industry
  • Green Industry Integration
  • Special Discovery

Company Profile of Farm Family Insurance

Farm Family Insurance has been in operation since 1950 and is proud to be one of the top 10 insurers in their region. Employees and supervisors focus on improving all aspects of their company’s success. Focused on providing unique customer service. Their team pays personal attention to the individual insurance needs of each customer.

Claiming Farm Family Insurance

This company does not provide online claims reporting, it is not surprising that this type of company, although by quoting online they always see that claims are available.
There is a 24-hour claim line that can be used for most types of policy, while Workers Comp and Life Insurance have their claim lines.

This website does not provide too much information about the claims service experience, other than to promise faster, more efficient use of claims.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Farm Family?

Farm Family is a company owned by the American National Insurance Company, which acquired the business in 2001. They operate in the Northeastern region and the Great Atlantic United States, selling their products to local agents.

What are the details of the Farm Family Insurance Company?

With its headquarters in Glenmont, NY, the Family Farm has been in operation since 1950. With their main focus on rural and urban customers, they offer products that meet the needs of farmers and people in certain communities, such as agribusiness, land area and equine insurance coverage.

Are their prices competitive?

Because Farm Family does not provide inclusion in our sample rating codes, they cannot provide comparisons with other companies. However, as a proxy-based insurance provider in a small region, they did not expect them to compete for premiums only. Companies like Farm Family often rely on the promise of excellent performance, and peace of mind to add value to insurance premiums that often rise slightly above direct national competitors.

What Products Does the Farm Family Offer?

The Farm Family offers a wide range of insurance options, including three major in personal insurance – car insurance, home and health insurance – and a variety of business and specialty policies. The website only provides a comprehensive overview of the available policies and instructs customers to contact the agent for details However, auto Insurance,

What is a Farm Family Lower Line?

Farm Family is a type of local company that will appeal to those who choose to be affected by their insurance. It is impossible for them to compete with dollars for the price but offer the promise of better customer service and individual attention. They cover general insurance requirements, turning their agents into a single person or business cover store. For those in the area where they work, they deserve to be watched closely.

What is the Farm Family Insurance Company rating?

The company is rated 4 stars in excess but talks about its categories and plans, they are 3star premium, 3 claims stars, 4 customer disruption stars and 4 stars of financial power.

What is the contact information of the Farm Family Insurance Company?

Phone: 845-738-8801
Fax: 845-395-0011

Where is their Head Office?

500 Route 32, Highland Mills, NY 10930

What are the company’s working hours?

Monday, Friday 8 am – 5 pm. However, after-hours appointments are available upon request.

What is the standard help number of the Farm family insurance company?


What do insurance numbers require?

24/7 Claim Report – (800) 948-3276
For life and disability insurance please call (800) 833-3422
For a Compensation for Employees Complaint just call (877) 383-7019

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