First Insurance Funding | Payment methods and customer’s reviews

Many international and national companies have been serving millions of lives in insurance for many years in America and other states. Some of them are well renowned and rich in benefits. Customers are being satisfied by their services and constant innovation. Independent companies like First Insurance Funding Company provides their customers discount too and never compromise on the safety of their customers.

First Insurance Funding is the largest premium funding company in North America which has been serving since 1986. Being an independent company, it has built a reputation for its best services and has grown from $300 million to $6 billion in just a few years. Win trust Company which is known best in the history of Illinois is also associated with it.

Payment Methods:

The payment methods are very easy to follow. No doubt it is worthy to consider, but have a look at its history. It is the fastest-growing company with a net worth of $6 billion and has more than 500 employs. FAIA employees are also enjoying discounts in finance. The company will send notifications to change the payment schedule if you are facing any problem with payment. You can get the payment through the following methods.

  • Direct Debit
  • Billing Statements
  • Coupon Books
  • Pay-by-web
  • Pay-by-phone
  • Direct Payment
  • Credit/Debit Cards

First Insurance Funding

Competitors of first insurance funding

First Insurance Funding is ranking in top finance companies for the last decades and the only company that truly knows how to make its customers benefit. It has competed for years. The reviews and the facilities make this company a very successful platform. This is the major reason for its popularity in that the unique services satisfy agents and brokers. Here we go with the list of competitors that are available in the market.

Other competitors are:

  • Illinois banker $44.9M
  • Trade-Link $74.8M
  • LSI $44.9M
  • Twin-Brook $17M
  • Nu-Mark $1805M

Reason for having insurance

Working through independent agents and brokers, First Insurance Funding provides loans for business and commercial purposes. FIRST’s online reporting offers real-time information in a variety of formats, so clients can always see how their portfolio is performing. Also, it provides specialized financial services to multiple industries.

In addition, clients can get easy access to a customizable and flexible online quoting solution. Such solutions integrate with management systems including AMS and Applied management systems. Further, the company offers solutions for automated clearinghouse, transfers, funds, and payment options.

FIRST Insurance Funding is part of Win trust Financial Corporation. Win trust provides traditional commercial and community banking services lending, leasing, management, commercial, life insurances, and certain administrative services. Moreover, security check and balance, simple payment methods and friendly and co-operative staff makes customers more reliable and force others to join this company.

How may we start our insurance?

Investment and business plans are visible and clear to the people that they can see while applying for first insurance funding. The whole business structure and legal licenses are also available. As it is a well-renowned company in America, they ask for the proper information. When FIRST has processed your application, you will receive a FIRST Rewards member number.

Simply enter this number in the “Borrower Information” screen in Quotes-in-View (QIV) for all premium finance agreements (PFAs) that you complete. You must include your FIRST Rewards member number on all PFAs in order to receive FIRST Rewards points. Steps for registration are given below:


  • Business Plan
  • Form a legal entity
  • Register for taxes
  • Set up business accounting
  • Obtain necessary permits and licenses
  • Get business insurance

What do clients say about this?

Outstanding company and now has spread in 3 states and 2 countries. It provides full support and co-operates in any problem relating to transactions or withdrawal. Most noteworthy, the managers are very understanding. If you’re looking to have a meaningful life outside of work, First Insurance Funding is the best option for you.

Some customers mention that the payments are easy and low and the employees are friendly and pleasurable to work. An online checking system is the best thing. Further, we can check the whole procedure and make any payment easily. Moreover, it offers great monthly incentives. In a nutshell, customer satisfaction and reliability are their first priorities.

What are the special services?

The company provides complete relief while payment. We can pay directly by cash or credit/debit cards. Payment can be done by web and phone too. Late payment does not block any account rather company sends warning mail and provides relief in payment.

Traditionally, FIRST sends each insured a billing statement too approximately eighteen (18) days before an instalment is due. A client simply uses a payment stub and return envelope to make payment.

In addition to it, the company provides you online real-time information and clients can check how their portfolio is working properly and make changes according to their plans. They offer a check and balance system, therefore, clients are being informed through emails or other means in case of any emergency and unwanted change.


To sum up, First Insurance funding is a very remarkable option for those who tend to have growth of their businesses. Even for those who want to save money for the future. This is the reason that there are no restrictions on payment for the interested ones. Therefore, clients can pay according to their own sources. For instance, they can pay via direct payment (envelope), credit/debit cards, by-cash, by-web, coupon book, and by-phone easily. Moreover, payment plans are easy and low. The company does not block your account in case of any late payment. Customers are being informed by mail or any other source to change their payments plans with proper relief. The registration process is also too easy. Customers just have to mention their business plans and the whole structure of the business with legal licenses and your insurance plan. After these small steps, they get membership easily. All in all, we recommend first insurance funding for business growth.

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