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It is an independent insurance agency that specifically indulges in providing businesses along with insurance packages. The main motto of freedom insurance is to create a well-established portfolio from a diverse range of risk protection options available. Here we go with every type of facilities.

Distinguishing Attributes

Freedom insurance

Auto and homeowners insurance

Auto insurance protects finances if you met an accident. It is a signed contract between you and the insurance company. You are committed to paying the premium and in return insurance company agrees to pay your losses as a clearly defined policy.

Auto insurance provides property, liability, and also medical coverage.

  • Property coverage pays the damage to or theft of your car.
  • Liability coverage pays for the legal responsibilities to others for bodily injury or property damage.
  • Medical coverage pays for the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation, and funeral expenses.

An auto insurance policy is mostly comprised of six different kinds of coverage. Most states require you to buy some, but not all, of this coverage.

Homeowners insurance is a package policy that covers both damages to your property and your liability or legal responsibilities. This includes damage caused by household pets. It provides financial protection against disasters. Damage caused by disasters is covered but there are exceptions too. The most significant is damage caused by floods, earthquakes, and poor maintenance.

Life and health insurance

There are essentially two kinds of health insurance in Freedom insurance.

  • Free for service

It is aimed at providing a fee for each service provided to the patient. Patients are examined by the doctors of their choice and the claim is filled by medical provider or patient.

  • Managed care

These plans aim at providing comprehensive health services to their members such as health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, and point of service plans.
These plans differ, they both cover an array of medical, surgical, and hospital expenses.

Types of disability insurance

There are 2 types of disability policies in Freedom insurance.

  • Short term disability policies

It has a waiting period of 0 to 14 days having a maximum benefit period of no longer than 2 years.

  • Long term disability policies

Freedom insurance has a waiting period of several weeks to several months having a maximum benefit period ranging from few years to the rest of your life.

Business and commercial insurance

As a business owner, you need the same kind of insurance coverage for the car you use for personal travel or your business. Many people use the same car for both pleasure and business duties. If the vehicle is owned by the business, then the name of the business should be clearly defined rather than your name. While the major coverage’s are the same, business auto insurance is different from personal auto insurance. You need to ask your insurance agent to clear all the differences and options among them.

General liability

It pays losses arising from property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury either on business premises or arising from your operations.

A broad range of general liability protection

  • Body injury

It includes the cost of care, loss of services, and restitution of any death resulting from the injury.

  • Property damage coverage

Property damage covers physical damage or property of others the loss of use of that property.

  • Product liability

It aims at providing insurance against product relayed injuries or accidents.

  • Other coverage includes

Water damage liability protection, legal defence costs, medical payments, liquor liability, and specialized liability protection for specific business types.

Workers compensation

These laws were created to ensure that employers who get injured on the job are provided with fixed monetary awards. it also helps to control the financial risks for employees.

Retirement plans

Opening a retirement plan is an exclusive and desirable way to invest in your future. There are 6 types of retirement plans.

  • Individual retirement account

This account allows you to contribute money that is invested tax-deferred. Your gains can grow faster since they are not taxed until you withdraw funds at the time of retirement.

  • Roth IRA

In this domain, contributions are made after-tax. it means you can withdraw your funds before the arrival of retirement time without any penalties.

  • 401 K

This is an employer-sponsored retirement plan through which you can contribute a pre-tax portion of each pay check. Also, many employers offer matching programs as an employee benefit.

  • Roth 401 K

It combines the features of Roth IRA and 401 K. This is offered via employers, but contributions come from your taxable salary.

  • Simple IRA

In this account, contributions come from pre-tax pay checks and money grows tax-deferred until retirement times come.


This plan is well suited for self-employed individuals, who can contribute part of their pay checks.

Featured products

  1. Credit restoration

In just 3 simple steps, the credit restoration process is complete.

  • Step 1 check

After a quick signup, credit reports pull up. This helps the company know where to focus and how to set a game plan that fits your personal goals and needs.

  • Step 2 challenge

The company fully interacts with credit companies and helps their obligations and confirm the appropriate changes that have occurred.

  • Step 3 change

Outcomes display and time for celebration.

2. Mortgage loans

Purchasing a home offers many advantages, one of the most distinguishing is that it allows ownership when you pay your mortgage each month. One notable thing is that mortgage payments can be even less than rent.

3. Investment plans

For the healthy growth of wealth with disciplined investment techniques, Freedom insurance provides a personalized investment strategy. Further, it aims at solving the complicated economic problems that are the part of their clients.

4. Tax preparations

As tax professionals, the company works hard throughout the year to study tax codes and evaluate the biggest deductions for customers.


Freedom insurance is the best company that covers all of your personal and business needs. It offers a broad range of liabilities that are struggling hard to make your future bright with exclusive investment plans and strategies.

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