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When you are in the market to buy your health insurance, you can save valuable time and money
by directly purchasing and comparing policies. Sites dedicated to providing you with quotes
from various types of insurance make it much easier for you to get an idea of your coverage and
expenses. However, please be warned that there are some pitfalls in using an insurance broker, as
I found last year.
Health Insurance

What Exactly Would a Health Insurance Broker Do?

In its simplest form, a health insurance broker (better known as an agent) is licensed to sell
health insurance. However, there are many other services they offer that fall under the umbrella
of selling health insurance.

  1. Perhaps the most important fact to know about working with an agent is that it is free. Insurance
    carriers, not consumers, pay insurance agents. So don't worry about paying a service fee by
    signing up for the program with an agent because it won't cost you anything unless you do it
  2. Health insurance is confusing, and the agent will explain it to you until you understand. Ask all
    the questions you want. They are ready for those. Want to know what your coinsurance will be in
    a particular program? Want to know what coinsurance means? Ask away!
  3. An agent can help you compare programs in which you are interested. If you let the agent know
    what you want, they will reduce your chances and explain the benefits of each one. In addition,
    they can check to see if your doctors and medical facilities of your choice are on the network,
    and they can only see if there are any prescriptions you take included (and for how much).
  4. Your agent is your agent as long as you have your policy. It means you have someone to contact
    if you have questions or want to purchase a new program. You have someone in your corner,
    unlike just downloading it and choosing the program on your own.

The Advantages of Finding Individual Health Insurance through a Health Insurance Broker:

When you buy health insurance via a registered broker, you can rest assured that your personal or employer-sponsored plan provides the best coverage at the most reasonable price.

For some individuals, dealing with such a broker to obtain individual health insurance may be very beneficial. Here are a few examples of how their services may be beneficial:

Quick Access to Support: Plan holders have a group leader to contact when they need assistance with accounting for the major, coverage eligibility, accessibility of services, or other concerns that cannot resolve via a website.

Personalized Recommendations: Brokers may discuss the advantages and drawbacks of various benefit packages. They provide customized assistance to help individuals choose the best plan for them.

Brokers can assist you in comprehending essential healthcare coverage terminology and make logical sense of your available choices by providing specialized health insurance knowledge. Brokers may also assist older clients in better understanding their Medicare coverage plus long-term care choices.

Personal Experience

As a self-employed person, I manage my health and family health insurance. So when I moved
from New Jersey to North Carolina in 2004, I knew two things about our health insurance:

  • I will have to buy a North Carolina health insurance provider.
  • Prices would be cheaper than in New Jersey, the cost is about half what I was paying and a
    little better covered.

A few weeks before the move, I contacted a well-known online insurance broker and received
quotes. We selected one company and obtained the documents from the seller about ten days
before our departure. I wish I had started this process earlier as I devoted all my free time to
preparation and release. So, I ended up packing my papers and filling them out and sending them
one week after we arrived in North Carolina.

Working with an online insurance broker

Working with an online insurance broker was an easy task, but I soon realized it was an
additional step in the application process, limiting our approval.

Once the seller received the documents, they agreed via email and said they would review our
package before forwarding it to the health insurance company.

Over the next few weeks, we have received messages from the insurance broker stating the

  1. We are in the process of undertaking your application.
  2. Send your application to the insurance company.
  3. The insurance company has your claim and will review it within one week.
  4. The insurance company expects a delay in reviewing your application due to the large volume
    of claims received.
  5. Please do not contact the insurance company directly; we will keep you posted about the status
    of your application. Yes, that’s right.

Initially, we were assured by the insurance broker that the health insurance company would
review and approve our application within two weeks. However, tracking our calls to the seller
and the many email transactions have shown that this would not be possible. In addition, when
we were in direct contact with the health insurance company – where the seller was encouraged –
the health insurance company had difficulty finding our application. Within days I found the
application sitting in another department; contact with a health insurance company accuses the
seller of sending information to the wrong address.

As it turned out, the first amount of insurance we got online was only 20% off. Once the health
insurance company decided that certain pre-existing conditions needed to be included in our
prices, it went up accordingly. After all, when we worked with an online retailer, we knew that
the quote was not 'perfect, but the most significant exaggeration was a bitter swallowing pill.
Among our thoughts at the time in this process were:

  1. If we knew ahead of time that our final rating & quote; would be so high, we would look at something
  2. Due to delays and delays, we needed to complete the application process as our coverage with
    the NJ healthcare provider would need to be cancelled, preferably at the end of the year.

Ten weeks after we filled out our application in mid-December, we received a formal
notification that our application had been approved and paid. Over the past few weeks of the
long claim process, we contacted the health insurance company directly several times to learn
our application's status. Unfortunately, there was no time when we did the process and were
assured that we would get permission; in fact, we have been told that coverage will begin to
await approval.

What to Look for in a Reputable Health Insurance Broker:

Because you’ll be depending on an insurance broker to identify the most suitable plans for your team, it’s critical to select an insurance specialist who knows your company’s and workers’ requirements. But, after you’ve engaged a broker to assist you [and your workers] in selecting a plan, what should you anticipate from their services? Let’s look more closely at this.


In conclusion, I offer the following recommendations for purchasing health insurance:

  1. Comparison shop online. Get quotes from online shoppers to get a general idea of what your
    expenses will be. If you have existing conditions, quoted prices will not be displayed in your
  2. Minimize the list of companies quoted in the three and touch them directly. Go to the seller as
    it is an additional unnecessary step in a quick approval process.
  3. If you need insurance on a particular day, apply early to allow for delays, receiving misplaced
    documents, changes in your application, etc. For example, our insurance was officially approved
    on a specific date, but we could transfer it to another date in line with the decrease of our NJ
    health care provider.

All in all, this experience was sometimes frustrating and opened a natural eye. I know you see
ads all the time with online insurance quotes. I don't mean to avoid sites, but please consider
what we went through before using an online broker only.

To make it easier for you, many retailers have access to existing and non-exchange programs
(public health insurance schemes). It gives you more options. Additionally, agents who have
access to exchange programs may also determine the eligibility of your sponsorship that may
reduce your premium and foreign costs. Also, to save you another head.

The next time you need to sign up or change your health plan, keep a licensed agent in mind – it
won't cost you anything, but it will save you a lot.

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