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Selecting the best insurance according to your requirement is a very tough decision in the world of insurance. It is too hard to get an appropriate insurance policy according to your budget and preferences. In this regard, you need someone to help you to save your time, money, and effort. Then the insurance agent is there for you, standing very fast in the selection of appropriate insurance.

Insurance Agent

We have evaluated all the basic concerns of people who are looking for better insurance for themselves. You will find each answer regarding the selection of the insurance policy, an insurance agent with keen research. We will tell about who the agent exactly is, what is the responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and abilities the agent should have. Also, the difference between broker and agent as well as other related important aspects will be unclosed.

Who is an Insurance Agent and what is his Role?

In simple words, an insurance agent is a professional person who sells the insurance policy of one or many insurance companies. Which are just according to the client’s needs and demand of services.

If you contact an agent for getting a perfect policy,  it will save your amount of money and time. The agent will provide you multiple options after searching a bunch of insurance policies. It acts as a bridge between you and the insurance company; connects you to the right insurance policy.

Even its life insurance, business, or auto insurance. Additionally, the insurance agents convince the people around the social circle and persuade their family circle to enrol in any policy. They grab the people for getting the commission.

Why do you need an insurance agent?

If you want to select the best insurance coverage with incredible services, you must contact an agent for a better understanding of the insurance process with terms and conditions.

The insurance agents are highly proficient workers to suggest the right path of getting the right product with extreme services.

Some of the advantages of having an agent for you

  • He will save your time to research for better insurance policy
  • He will save your money to spend on the right policy according to your budget and services
  • You will have the freedom to select one according to your interest
  • He will provide you to have an interpersonal relationship for any problem and guidance in the future regarding the policy
  • The agent makes the policy easier for you to understand the terms and conditions concerning services

Qualification and skills of an agent

Let’s talk about the qualification of an insurance policy agent. There is no such restriction. However, the people who need an insurance policy, prefer the agents with high qualifications with at least graduation. The insurance companies and clients do need an experienced person who has done some work in any company. But this condition is not mandatory.

In addition to this, the agent must have a license for being an agent. Or he has taken the classes or sessions of 25 to 50 hours in the field.

Secondly, when we talk about the skills, he must have a grip on the following skills to run the business.

  • Communications Skills
  • Intra-personal and interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Listening skills
  • Soft skills and using the computer efficiently
  • The skill of reading comprehension
  • He can maintain records and policy renewals
  • Customer service skills
  • Ability of marketing
  • Ability to bear pressure

Broker vs. Agent

There is a huge confusion related to understanding both characters in the field of insurance. We will try to make it easy for you to understand.

The brokers have a basic concern with the clients who need insurance. After assessing all their needs and the service they demand, the broker recommends the best policy of insurance to them.

But the insurance agent does focus on the insurance companies to sell, whether they are presenting one or more. They describe the policies and services of those companies from which they are connected. They present all the products of affiliated companies.

When the client is done with the broker and choosing one policy, the broker can contact the agent for the formal proceedings. There could be an insurance binder too, for the next procedure.

Types of Agents

There are two basic types of insurance policy agents with their working styles.

Independent Agent

This type of agent works for more than one insurance company. He sells their financial services to clients. He does not work for it only one company. Furthermore, he has no deep description of a specific product. He only knows the basic knowledge of the policies.

Captive Agent

The agent works only for one company and sells the services of that company only. In addition to this, he earns the commission, salary, or both from only that one insurance policy company. However, he has in-depth knowledge of the policies. Because he is only working with one company and he has more data to explain about one thing.

How does an insurance agent earn?

An Insurance Agent can earn thousands of dollars per month. But it needs consistency, effort, and the ability to face rejection. An insurance agent earns via salary or commission. Usually, the captive agents get salary and commission both.

On the other hand, the independent agents do get the commission, e.g. 90%, and 5%. The 90% is from the margin of the policy money in the first year. That is paid by the client and the 5% in the next years.

These commissions vary according to the insurance companies. It could be 30 to 90% in the first year of the policy paid. The personage of commission changes policy to policy and company to company.

The 9 best qualities of an Insurance Agent

According to research, it is found that many of the agents quit their jobs after one year. It is due to the fact they are not consistent, well educated, and have no capability of listening too. The following qualities if an agent contains, he can survive, become a successful and efficient insurance policy agent.

  1. He can listen to the clients and understands their needs
  2. He can provide the best customer service to his clients
  3. He must have good communications skills
  4. He must be a consistent personality
  5. He must be an industrious and honest man
  6. He must have better marketing skills
  7. He should have complete knowledge of the products
  8. He must be a motivated person with a high confidence level
  9. He can assist the clients in claiming process


An insurance agent is needed and recommended before doing any contract of insurance. The insurance could be health-related or business-related concerns. An agent can express the right ways of services and understand your needs of getting insurance.
Before going to an agent, you must look at his experience, his qualification, license, and previous work too. Through this, you will not go for the wrong insurance policy and will have a proper coordination system for any future problem.

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