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Insurance provided in terms of workman’s compensation relating to workplace injuries. Private insurance policies that employers take to protect themselves from lawsuits that arise from workplace injury. It has a network of independent agents and they provide high-tech tools that help them to run their business easily.

Safety insurance

Attributes of the company

Safety insurance is a leading provider of auto, home, and business insurance in Massachusetts, Maine, and the New Hemisphere. It is a highly rated insurance carrier with more than 40 years of experience in offering quality insurance policies to both businesses and individuals. The company earned a great reputation as a noble state company because of its substantial size. Currently delivers supplies to customers over 3 states

  • Founded in 1979
  • Offers multiple types of insurance
  • Large and diversified network of independent insurance agents
  • Broad and strong financial stability
  • Offers coverage for individuals and business
  • “ A + “ rating by Better Business Bureau ( BBB)
  • “ A “ rating by A.M Best

Discount offers at a glance

It offers competitive discount programs for its customers, mostly home and auto insurance. These discounts include the following:

  • Excellent driver plus discount

Drivers that meet no incidents or accidents within the past 6 years can save up to 24 %

  • Excellent driver discount

Drivers that met no accidents within the last 5 years can save up to 10 %.

  • Safe roads alliance

Drivers who become a member of the safe road alliance receive a group discount of 5 %.

  • Multi-policy discount

Policyholders when building multiple policies they can save up to 10 %.

  • Loyalty discount

Customers that stay with safety insurance for a continuous period, receive a 4 % discount.

  • E-customer discount

Customers can earn up to a 7 % discount on their bill while they meet the criteria for account credit, and also gain a combined billing account with the electronic bill.

  • Group discount

This offer is offered to clients based on the business sector.

  • Student discount

Students with a “B” average, students on the dean’s list, or students on the honour roll are eligible for a 10 percent discount. A great way for a teenager to save their insurance payment if they qualify.

  • Away At school Discount

Students who are away at school more than 100 miles from home or without regular access to a vehicle are eligible for a 10 percent discount.

Additional auto coverage options:

  1. Safety shield

  • Disappearing collision deductible
  • Collusion waiver of deductible
  • Full glass coverage
  • Granted replacement course
  • Rental vehicle loss of income coverage
  • Transportation expenses
  • Airbag mechanical failure coverage
  • Personal effects
  • Supplemental towing and labour

2. Safety shield plus

  • Accident forgiveness
  • Expanded personal effects coverage
  • Pet coverage
  • Seat belt coverage
  • Bail bonds

Types of insurance at safety insurance companies:

Over the years, the company has grown and enhanced product labels to include full ranger property and casualty insurance products. It offers a wide range of insurance products. The company aims to cater to both individuals and businesses and offers the following types of coverage.

Massachusetts insurance

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Commercial package
  • Business owners
  • Personal umbrella
  • Dwelling fire

New hemisphere insurance

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Commercial package
  • Business owners
  • Personal umbrella
  • Dwelling fire

Maine insurance

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Commercial package
  • Business owners
  • Personal umbrella
  • Dwelling fire

Safety insurance offers a range of coverage options both for individuals and businesses. Whether auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, or combine, Safety insurance is always the best choice to avail.

Claim’s process:

Customers can report their claims through phone, website, or mobile app. Safety’s VIP claims centres are reliable and convenient locations where valued customers go to participate in the VIP repair program. The VIP repair program is entitled to licensed appraisers who can perform VIP Drive in Appraisals

VIP repair program provides repair service in two simple steps

Drop off

This domain drops your vehicle at the VIP claims centre. It arranges all the steps in such a way to have the vehicle transported to a quality repair facility where repair begins immediately.

Pick up

Pick up repaired vehicle at VIP claims centre. Most repairs take less than a week.

VIP Appraisal program

It is an enhanced process that allows customers to serve their appraisal at the spot. The Appraisals are written by Safety licensed appraisers. Also, experienced staff at VIP centres have direct access to customers, allow them to answer questions customers may have regarding their claims.

Customer Service

It allows customers to handle claims over the pho e, on the “safety mode “smartphone app, via their website through their “My Account “section, 24 / 7. There are also many customer service option is reachable via official’s website as well as payment options and policy detailed information. This company sells insurance through a network of independent insurance agents. Jesse agents are available anytime to withstand and handle claims. Also, other insurance concerns relate to customers, making customer service a breeze.

Assets of the company

  • Provides a full range of property and casualty insurance
  • Provides business insurance
  • Offers great rates on home, auto, and business insurance
  • Upstream providers of property and casualty insurance in Massachusetts, New Hemisphere, and Marine.

Liabilities of the company

  • Only offers coverage in 3 states only
  • Insurance Directory Company to find the best company according to needs.
  • You can locate insurance companies that meet specific coverage needs and gets connected to agent nears you.

Safety homeowners insurance

  • It offers standard coverage for homes, condoned, including foramen duet to fire windstorms, theft, and more.

Safety supreme

  • It includes higher limits for jewellery and an extra $ 100, 00 of liability coverage also includes replacement cost coverage for home and personal belonging which pays to replace damaged or stolen items with new ones, rather than paying the estimated value.


Safety insurance is the third-largest private car insurance carrier, the second-largest commercial auto insurance. And the fourth-largest homeowner’s insurance carrier. The company also offers commercial line insurance products and a commercial umbrella.

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