Security First Insurance | The Leading Insurance Company in Florida

This company came into the business in 2005. The current CEO and administrator of this Insurance Company is Melissa, who runs whole affairs and policies inside it.

In this piece of writing, we will evaluate the customers’ reviews, their impression, the services of the company, the claiming procedures, the areas of strengths and improvements of Security First Insurance Company.

After reading this concise article, you will embed all the things about Security First Insurance. You will make a decision, whether this company is a better option for you or not.

Security First Insurance

Florida’s Insurance Company; Security First

This insurance company has been providing its services in Florida. It is basically a homeowner insurance company, which is serving the people living in Florida, not outside of it. It is providing multiple aspects to preserve and protect your home from various factors according to your requirement and deal.

The company is targeting the goofs about Insurance which covers the services varying from condos, renters, and homeowners. In addition to this, the extra prominent service which makes it distant from other competitors is flood coverage and personal belongings. Due to these priorities, this private insurance company is flourishing in Florida rapidly. Definitely, this is the best insurance company in Florida.

The rank of Security First: why is it preferable?

Definitely, it is the ranking insurance company in Florida according to the better Business Bureau (BBB). This company lies in the category of A+ insurance companies; which is a plus point in the qualities of this Insurance.

Due to its nature of policies and products, it is a competitive Insurance Company in the state of Florida it is beating other companies through its distinct variety of services and good coverage.

Products of Security First Insurance

We will discuss here the best products of Security First with the explanation.

Water backup, Flood coverage and Dwelling Fire by Security First

It is different from the standard policy of water backup coverage. it is included in the Homeowners insurance policy, which provides you the best coverage. All the issues will be handled by a specific adjuster regarding water and flood coverage in your home.

In addition to this, the people who are not qualified for the homeowners’ policy, like renters or owner-occupied homes. They can have a policy of dwelling fire. Also, the company has provided this policy for condos and single-family homes.


  • For those who are not qualified for homeowners insurance
  • For renters, single-family and condos residence
  • Proper coverage
  • It also includes the water backup
  • All the problems are handled precisely
  • Flood coverage, not found in other policies

Homeowners Insurance by Security First

This is one of the leading products of this Insurance Company, ranging coverage from 1000 dollars to 1 million dollars for dwelling. In addition to this, it includes the Replacement Cost Coverage and coverage of personal belongings too. A bunch of common endorsements and a fair amount of discounts are also available in this insurance policy type.


  • The best dwelling coverage
  • Standard policy package
  • Has the personal liability and personal property coverage
  • Common endorsement like personal property and animal liability
  • Several discounts on many features

Condos and renters insurance by Security First

Renters insurance and Condo insurance are very similar to the homeowner insurance policy. But there are some differences like the range of coverage’s. Renter insurance coverage is ranging from $15000 to $100,000. And the condo insurance policy provides you the coverage starting from $25,000 to $250,000.

Additionally, this policy is the same as the homeowner insurance policy. The perspective of personal property coverage, loss of use, and personal liabilities are the common things here.


  • Additional discounts
  • Complete coverage
  • Coverage of liability
  • Coverage of loss of use
  • Coverage of personal property
  • Coverage of Replacement of Cost

There are various optional endorsements that you can add to your policy according to your need and facilitation.

The Coverage by Security First Insurance

In Florida, the policy has been designed according to the people living there. The coverage’s are being provided according to the demands of the area and the needs of residents. The highlighted coverage’s are as below:

  • Personal and dog(animal) liability
  • Personal property coverage
  • Loss of use of daily livings
  • Increasing the replacement cost upon dwelling
  • Physical damage to Golf cart
  • Flood coverage
  • Breakdown of pieces of equipment
  • Overflow and backup of water

How to claim for Security First Insurance Company?

In this regard, the company has provided multiple platforms to convey its problems and messages to this insurance company. They have introduced a mobile app for being connected with them. Also, you can file your complaint through the official website of Security First. And they have also provided contact numbers for transmitting your problem to resolve it quickly.

Furthermore, there are different contact numbers for identity theft claims, flood claims, or any other claim. An online complaining system is the best thing and facility the company is providing to its customers.

What are the areas of strengths and improvements of Security First insurance?

Area of strengths

  • A+ Ranking by BBB
  • Personal liability and property coverage
  • Covers the whole area of Florida
  • The best home insurance policies including flooding
  • Customisable endorsement
  • Medical payments
  • Ordinance coverage
  • Immense platforms for filing a complaint like mobile app, website’s customer care, and contact numbers

Area of improvements

  • Less amount of discounts
  • Available only in Florida
  • Little expensive as compared to other insurance companies
  • Not many varieties like Auto or Life Insurance¬†
  • Targets only Home Insurance
  • Not available for 24/7 via contact numbers

The customers’ impression towards Security First

The customers are not much satisfied due to two reasons. Firstly, some of the restrictive policies of Security First Insurance Company. It does not deal with some matters in flood coverage and homeowners policy coverage.

Secondly, due to its high rates, the customers of their insurance are a little disappointed too.


Security First is reliable but a little expensive private insurance company. This is providing all the standard living services according to Home Insurance. Also, it is providing the liability with private property services with medical payments too. People outside of Florida cant reach this company. The claims of the customers are also tackled very well and in time.

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